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Occupation: Retired 100 % disabled Veteran
Children: Andrew age 23
Samuel age 20
Thomas age 18
Military Service: Air Force  
Yes! Attending Reunion

I don't know if you remember me are not. In school I kind of stayed by myself a lot because I didn't want other people to see the way I was brought up, sometimes the bruises showed sometimes they didn't. I started work our freshman year full time after school just so I could stay out of the house. My grades weren't the best,but I did manage to pass.

This has been my life since high school. We all went are seperate ways that day in May 1969, actually I moved to Richmond, TX the week before we graduated. That summer I went to South Texas Jr. College in downtown Houston. That was expensive so I transferred to Wharton Jr. College for two semesters. I ran out of money, so I stayed out for a semester at which time I lost my student deferment for the draft. Well, I got drafted, so I joined the air force. 1973 is when I got hurt, which kept me out of Nam. But not my friend; he got my orders and was killed one month after he was in country.The Dr. would not let me out, so I stayed my full term of four years.

Upon returning to Richmond, I went back to the machine shop to earn a living for myself. I did fairly good as a machinist. I became one of only 5 master machinist in the southwest, and was known all over the U.S., Europe, and part of Asia for my work. I quit a job as a plant Foreman to take the last job I had, because I could build things again. This job was in a shop in Stafford TX doing R.D. work for NASA. I have several items on the space station that I redesigned so that they would work.

My injury from the service forced me to retire in 1998. I was going mad at home not having anything to do. I can just barely walk now, for short distances, otherwise I have to use a wheelchair or scooter. So now I restore old cars for a hobbie and teach the kids in the neighborhood how to work on them.

I got married in Nov. 1979 and have three boys. The youngest just finished high school.

My oldest son was killed on April 11,2010 which all most killed me at the time. then on July 1, 2011 I had a heart attack and died the Dr. said I was dead for about 3 1/2 min. grief does kill. The good part of that experience is I talked to my son.

In 2012 my wife of 33 years and I separated and have been separated with no hope of ever getting back together.

My life as not been very interesting but that's it.

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