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02/22/10 09:51 AM #30    

Scott C. Smith

Many of my close high school friends went to Spring Branch HS. I mentioned the huge difference our web site meant to the success of our reunions to SBHS organizers and how it affected reconnecting classmates. I am happy to report that Spring Branch class of 1969 now uses the same web site. You can view it at:

Sadly they are way behind us in locating missing classmates. The forty years of work by Lyle and Judy can not be duplicated in a short time period. It will be interesting to see how successful they become using the web site.

They did not use the web site as an attendance builder for their 40th reunion as it came up afterwards.

04/18/10 10:16 PM #31    

Ellen Matthews (Muse)

I've posted pictures of the SWSH Golf tournament from April 17, 2010 on my profile page.

05/08/10 02:19 PM #32    

Ellen Matthews (Muse)

Will you please go through the golf tournament pictures and tell me the names of any of those I couldn't label if you know their names?  You can send me a message with the picture numbers and the names of those you know.

06/06/10 08:45 PM #33    

Ellen Matthews (Muse)

I posted some pics from SWSH choir alumni performing for Ms. Cocke's Memorial Service at St. Paul's United Methodist Church

09/25/10 12:32 AM #34    


Donna Ann Brewer (Jackson)


You may remember me as "the girl who played the piano" at Spring Woods. I went on to perform and teach, having a wonderful career.  MY ENTIRE 45-YEAR COLLECTION OF PRINT MUSIC WAS STOLEN WHILE I WAS HOSPITALIZED DURING HURRICANE IKE.  Often people inherit music that they want to get rid of.  If you EVER hear of this situation, please contact me at  I don't care WHAT the music is or what shape it's in--I need everything!  I will gladly pay the shipping. Thanks a million.  With a song in my heart, Donna.

06/21/14 02:15 AM #35    


J. E. (Jason Ezell) Lyons

An incredible night I must say. I was honored, after 45 years, to see and visit with some of the people that made a difference in my life. It is amazing to hear the stories of times past and times yet to come. If you are possibly able, please come to the 45th reunion tonight. It was just incredible to visit with people I remember and to meet again the people I don't - new friends I hope. It was such a pleasure to see you again and to explore how our "Control Group" has evolved. At this point in our lives, vanity should be one of our lowest priorities. Life is so much more than that. So please come and visit - the opportunity to visit with many of our friends from the class of '69 that will not make it to the 50th reunion. The clock is ticking; don't miss the pleasure of hugging an old friend one more time. Warmest regards, Jason

06/21/14 09:12 AM #36    

Linda D. Freed (Klinger)

It's a lazy, muggy Houston Saturday morning, after a delightful and nostalgic Happy Hour reunion evening.  Rumors circulated about the various closing of ramps and sections of 290, as we get ready for tonight's reunion dinner.  Well, nothing deters the Class of 1969!   Thank you to everyone who took a moment to chat: genuine, interesting folks who value memories and friendships. And the element of discovery was there, too: talking to classmates who, after all these years, find that we have a lot in common, from travel to hobbies to caregiving for aging parents.  Jason Lyons said it best:  please join the class this evening.  Time is passing;  these moments are uniquely special and, as Deb Fant remarked last night, bittersweet. 

06/21/14 11:29 AM #37    

Karla J. Kasmiroski (Bourque)

Hey, Linda, Jason and everyone who was at the Friday gathering - I will see you tonight! Just couldn't make the Friday event. Counting the hours!

06/22/14 11:50 AM #38    

Deborah Fant

Judy and Lyle, thank you, thank you, thank you for all your amazing work on this 45th reunion.  It was so much fun! Your dedication to the Class of 1969 is awe-inspiring.  As the bar tender at the Pioneer Saloon remarked on Friday night, "I can't believe this is ya'll's 45th reunion!  You all look GREAT!"  I second that emotion. 

06/22/14 02:02 PM #39    


Donna Ann Brewer (Jackson)

I am still nearly speechless. This reunion will be a hard act to follow. My favorite part was all those warm hugs from the many guys I had crushes on 45 years ago.  To top it off, Lynn Sawyer gave me Choir Director Jackie Cocke's gold music stand she used at SWHS.  What a treasure! Heartfelt thanks to Judy, Lyle, and the entire committee; to Marsha Jones and her mother Margie (who looked like one of us) for all the stuffed tigers; and to Dan Pennywell--he knows why. Our classmates are an exquisite collection of precious gems.  I keep you all in my heart.  heart

06/22/14 02:37 PM #40    


Linda J Williams (Mc Mahon)

Thanks Judy and Lyle for this wonderful website. I was unable to attend because I worked Friday.

Linda Williams McMahon

06/23/14 12:20 PM #41    


Keith Harker

Lyle and Judy, once again you guys have created a weekend of nostalgic memories, old acquaintances renewed, and new friends made.  Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to our class over the years.  I attended only the Friday night event this year and had a great time, but found myself on Saturday afternoon wishing I had planned to attend the Saturday night event also.  Lesson learned.  I won’t make that mistake next time.  I had never spoken with Mike Clements or Dana Burke before, but had the privilege of getting to know both of them Friday evening.  There are not many people I have to look up at when talking with them, but Mike is certainly one.  I enjoyed getting to know him and hearing his life story. And Dana is such a sweetheart.  I really enjoyed her sharing pictures of her and Tim’s family with me.  I also got to visit with Jason Lyons (what an exciting life he has), Debi Marshall (what a sweet, beautiful lady she is), Lynn Sawyer (what an interesting family life), Betty Sandel (my favorite Tigerette), Becky Preslar (what a fun, active person she is), good friends Steve and Debbie Hall Thorworth, Fred Placke (such a nice guy), and my good friend John Toups who I’ve stayed in contact with since we graduated.  Here we are only a day or two since this reunion, and I find myself really looking forward to the next one and getting to know more of my classmates on a personal level.  I guess I’d better start attending some of the gatherings between the five-year reunions and get more Facetime as opposed to Facebook.  Our website and Facebook are great for keeping up with friends’ lives, but nothing beats visiting in person.  Take care everyone. smiley  Almost forgot to mention visiting with Glenn Battenfield.  I would love to have his job.  I've always loved flying, and actually have a private pilots license.

06/23/14 05:18 PM #42    

Debi Marshall (Cooke)

Judy and all are ROCK STARS!!!!!  I am not sure how we can thank you enough for all you do not only right around the reunion, but all year long to make it all happen!!  I had so much fun visiting with so many of you all....Louise Wells, Linda Freed and Debbie Fant, I am so sorry to have missed visiting with you all...there were a few others....makes me sad I will probably have to wait for 5 more years to catch up in person!

Keith Harker....I am fixing you up with my girlfriend...need e-mail or phone #...mine is

Carolyn, Carlene, Dana~you all ROCK!  Had the best slumber party in years....the couch was pretty comfy!!  Linda Denson & Dana for allowing me to tag along from Dallas and back....I think we solved all the problems of the world, so if any of you need help....well, on second thought, don't call will take a little deciphering and translation!  But we sure had fun trying to figure out life!  

Everyone I visited with has such a wonderful and unique story!  Our journeys are different, yet somehow they have been influenced by our class mates in ways we probably can not even express....Thanks to all who shared your lives and life stories.   There were so many who I was expecting to our 50th, you better be there because you were missed!

Let's be sure to stay in touch!  Did someone make sure Tommy D. got home safely???  Love, love, debi.


06/23/14 10:13 PM #43    

Kerry R. Gilbert

Wow, what a great time at the 45th reunion! An awesome time! It seemed there were fewer of us this go around but it was nice to see and visit with everyone that was there. I always leave our reunions feeling glad that I attended and appreciating the fact that we have a very special class with a bond that seems endless. I missed those that were not able to come and hope they make the 50th. Thanks again and again to the planning committee, and particularly, Judy and Lyle for investing the time and effort to keep us all together. 

06/24/14 12:49 AM #44    


Leanne Wilson (Rigsby)

Judy and Lyle,

My heartfelt thanks for the wonderful weekend you've put together for our 45th reunion.  Your tireless, selfless dedication and devotion to our class is unparalleled.  Without you two over these past four and a half decades, our reunions would not be what they are (if at all).  

I speak for everyone when I say that we realize and appreciate all that you've done to make these reunions the success they are and for helping to create more wonderful memories for us.

Each year, the reunions seem to get better and better. 
This year's was especially wonderful because we had so many who'd never attended before.  It was fun to see and talk to classmates we'd never really known in high school and find out how much in common we have after all.  It was wonderful to see people who were close friends in high school who've kept in contact with each other these past 45 years and are still close friends.  I heard funny stories about escapades I'd had in high school from Cindy Grantham and Debbie Howard that I'd completely forgotten!

And of course, grandchildren were one of the topics in many conversations -- I especially loved hearing the men talk about what it means to be grandfathers and the overwhelming special love they have for their grandchildren, which seemed to catch them by surprise. heart wink 

I hope those classmates who have never attended or have missed this year's reunion will consider coming to the 50th, as well as the smaller get-togethers in some of other cities that have been talked about this past weekend.

As Jason Lyons mentioned in his after-Friday-night-event post, our mortality clocks are ticking quickly, and our "In Memory" book is sadly beginning to get thick.  Please come.  Don't think that no one will remember you -- you'd be very surprised.  And I'll bet you'll make new friends, too. smiley

A big thank you (((HUG))) to all the classmates and committee members who helped Judy and Lyle with anything they needed help with: Debbie Howard Ford, Betty Sandel Wheeldon, Marsha Jones McKay, and anyone else I may have overlooked unintentionally. 

See you all again soon, "God willing and the creek don't rise!"

Big hugs,
LeAnne (and Jim, the glue who keeps my wanderlust feet on the ground!)

06/24/14 07:43 AM #45    


Peggy Potthoff (Ford)

LeAnn, you said it beautifully.  All I can add is an AMEN!  Peggy Potthoff Ford

06/24/14 10:26 AM #46    

Rebecca Preslar-(Smith)

Loved...Loved..Loved spending the weekend with my high school classmates...and I will do it again, the Lord willing...I almost did not attend, but thanks to Peggy, Kris, and Karla, and Tina, for making me rethink it.  I am hoping the pictures I took, will look great in a new video...

Lots of friends, food, drink and just plain fun, and endless talking...

Thank you Judy & Lyle for all you do for our Class of 69, you got it down pat, as you have been doing this forr 45 years and counting.  Really enjoyed helping and visiting on Saturday afternoon...putting the photos together... with all the memoribilia of our class members...hoping to do it again.  I am also interested in helping with getting a group together in Dallas. This would be so fun....:)))

06/24/14 03:02 PM #47    


Judy L. Gillilan

Gee, wish I had managed schedules to make the 45th reunion.  Sounds like I missed super fun. Hope to keep in touch via happy hours, Christmas parties, etc.  Love reading comments and profiles.  Feels like we are still in high school....well, maybe not. 

If there is anyway that I can help others keep in contact or help with the next reunion or any or the happy hours/parties in between, just give me a shout. 


06/24/14 03:09 PM #48    

Linda D. Freed (Klinger)

Thanking Judy and Lyle could go on forever, and deservedly so.  And gratitude to those on the committee who helped put this fabulous weekend together. The only missing element was a larger turnout, so let's each grab  one more classmate  (at least) and do some "convincing" for the 50th. I'll leave it to Brian Wilson:

Well I've been thinking
'Bout all the places we've surfed and danced
And all the faces we've missed
So let's get back together and do it again.


06/25/14 10:48 AM #49    

Rebecca Preslar-(Smith)

Nicely said Linda...wish I could have visited with you :)

06/28/14 07:41 PM #50    

Joy Harmon (1970) (Gilbert)

Great reunion.  Good time had by all!  Thank you Judy, Lyle, and the committee members for your hard work.  Loved seeing old friends from the class of 69. 

07/04/14 07:31 PM #51    


Louis Bremer Jr.

The 45th reunion was really great. I will not even attempt to mention the names of all of those who I saw at the reunion because I know I will leave someone out.  I do want to say that it was great to see everyone.  Many of you I immediately recognized and then there were others that I did not.  For others the name was familiar but I just could not remember why.  Must have been my old timers disease that was keeping me from remembering everyone.  I am already looking forward to the 50th reunion!!  I just wish I lived closer to Houston and had the opporunity to attend more of the functions.  Judy and Lyle, thanks for making all of this happen!  Without your great work on the website and the reunion I am sure that we would not have nearly the success with our reunions and keeping everyone in touch with each other.  To all, if you ever get to Monroe, Louisiana be sure and look me up.  Again, I look forward to seeing everyone again at the 50th reunion!!!  

07/24/14 09:55 AM #52    

Gary L. Franco

Here is the link to Karen Siddal Bate obituary.


04/12/16 04:15 PM #53    


Keith Harker

Just wanted to let everyone know about the cruise Donna and I went on in early March.  It’s called the Flower Power Cruise and had a bunch of groups from the 60’s and 70’s ( Peter Asher of Peter and Gordon, Blood Sweat and Tears, The Buckinghams, The Rascals, Micky Dolenz of the Monkees, The Grass Roots, The Guess Who, Peter Noone of Herman’s Hermits, Jefferson Starship, Mark Lindsay of Paul Revere and the Raiders, Gary Puckett, and the Family Stone).   We had so much fun the we signed up for next year’s cruise while we were still on this year’s cruise.  Tom Williford, and his wife Laurel wanted to go this year, but the cruise was sold out by the time I let him know about it.  They have already made their reservations for the 2017 cruise and will be joining in on the fun with us next year.  Kerry Gilbert and his wife Joy have also made their reservations.   The lineup for next year is … Eric Burdon and the Animals, Chad and Jeremy, Micky Dolenz, The Fifth Dimension, The Lovin’ Spoonful, Rare Earth, Spencer Davis, Three Dog Night, and The Yardbirds, with more groups to be added.  The website is


It would be great to have more classmates join us next year.  Think about it, but not too long, or it will be sold out again like last year. 

05/09/24 11:12 AM #54    

H. Marigrace Haley (Moore)

Franco Baccovich

Note from his wife, Fioretta, 4/3/24, regarding her memories of what Franco told her about his time at Springwoods. 

"Here I am again, dearest Marigrace. 
Regarding  the question about what Franco had said about school year in Houston, I can't tell you much, only that for him the whole experience he lived in that year (55 years ago!!!)
was unforgettable. It shaped him, marked him, helped, conditioned by many choices including work that he then had in life here in our city Trieste, especially with having learned the English language
It was a unique experience..., which at  that time was still in its  embryonic stage, indeed at the time Franco had been one of the first students  to have  this opportunity, to implement these cultural exchanges between students from other nations. 
Which in the following years has gained a lot of ground and has increasingly  evolved and improved its organisation.
Franco came away so enthusiastic that for several years he subsequently collaborated within the Association to ensure that other students also had this fundamental opportunity for the future life.
And many times in  conversations between us, with friends, he remembered with joy that unforgettable experience.
He often made references to the teaching method of the American School and pointed out the differences also in the approach to subjects which was very different from our school,
which just twenty years later has tried and is still trying to modify by adapting to methods more  similar to yours.
Many years have passed  but in any case I remember that when he returned, his stories seemed fantastic and incredible to us.. Things from another world.. we  who lived in this microcosm of a small city,
everything seemed stratospheric to us. Then  some customs took hold here too in Italy and in the  our Old  Europe.
Perhaps you already knew everything about I wrote to you from the corrispondence that has passed between you over all these years and perhaps I haven't told you anything new.
This is all that came naturally to me to say to  you.
Unfortunately I can't be of more help!! I couldn't tell you anything else.
With love

She doesn't speak English and had to "research" how to write what she did.


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